Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meet Cody

Breed: Sharpei

Walking buddies: Jax, Spirit and Human Cody

Fun fact: When finished with his walk, Cody celebrates his accomplishment by sprinting back and forth thru his house like it's a race track.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meet Peri

Breed: Clumber Spaniel

Walking Buddies: Spirit, Olive, and Jax

Favorite Walk: The Bike Path to Davis Square

Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet Clyde (with Spirit)

Breed: Boxer
Favorite Walk: Fells Field Trips
Buddies: Spirit, Olive, Moxie, Oliver, Halo, 3 Legged Stella, 4 Legged Stella, Honey, Jax

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet Skip

Breed: Jack Russell Mix

Favorite Walk: Leisurely strolls around the neighborhood

Walking buddies: Sunny, Spirit, Kaya and Sophie

Favorite food: Any other dog's food

Fun Fact: Skip lives with a gigantic cat named Vincent Van Gogh

Meet Kaya and Sophie

Breeds: Dachshund Mix and Yorkie
Favorite Walk: Long walks in the Fells
Walking Buddies: Sunny, Skip, Spirit
Fun Fact: Kaya's tail is as long as her body
Fun Fact#2: These 2 are inseparable, they love to snuggle with each other

Meet Rosie (pre-haircut!)

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Favorite Walk: The Fells Field Trip
Second Favorite Walk: Dinner Dates with Spirit. Or Sunny. Or Lido. Or Olive. (Rosie loves dating).
Favorite Toy: Anything destructible (and Rosie knows that there is no indestructible toy!)
Fun Fact: Rosie likes to fall asleep with a plush toy in her mouth.
Favorite Food: Yogurt covered kibble