Friday, December 14, 2007

Meet Spirit

Spirit is the Shepherd on the right, trying to make his way to the passenger seat (or as he thinks of it, "Spirit's seat") of the field trip truck.

The Spirit Stats:

Breed: Shepherd Collie mix (she thinks)
Title: Field Trip Referee
Age: 5
Favorite Food: Dog Cookies
Second Favorite Food: Red Meat
Third Favorite Food: All other food
Fun Fact: Spirit knows about 100 different commands/tricks, not to mention that he knows sign language.

Meet Jax

The Jax Stats:

Breed: Puggle
Age: 2ish
Fun Fact: What's not fun about a Puggle? Puggles party all the time!
Favorite Walk: The Fells.
2nd Favorite Walk: The Fells.
Not So Fun Fact: Jax once ate the blinds at his house in the shape of his own silhouette. (Better for viewing the neighborhood).
Favorite Food: PBK (peanut butter in kong)

Meet Moxie

The Moxie Stats:
Breed: Dalmation
Age: getting younger everyday
Favorite Walk: Walk? Why walk when you can RUN RUN RUN...and then RUN some more!
Field Trip Pals: Spirit, Rosie, Jax, Honey, Stella, Clyde, Oliver, Elsie, Olive, Hugo, Zoe, Halo, and anyone who will chase her, which really is everyone.
Fun Fact: When not outrunning everyone in the pack, Moxie enjoys tracking scents of creatures of the Fells. She has yet to capture one, but she hasn't given up.
Fun Fact#2: Moxie's tail is like a weapon when she's happy and when she goes to the Fells, she is happy happy happy. (Video clip coming soon!)
Favorite Food: Anything that is easily eaten while on the run, because nothing is going to stop her from winning the race that she is always participating in.

Meet Olive

The Olive stats:

Breed: Mix...she's a rescue dog from Puerto Rico. Hooray for rescue dogs!
Age: Cuatro-ish
Favorite toy: The toy that any other dog has.
Favorite food: Treats! Any kind! Olive is a lucky dog and has 8 different kinds of treats to choose from at her house. Olive also enjoys home cooked meals (with real vegetables!) twice a day.
Fun Fact: When Olive wants something, she says "a-waah-waah-waah" clip coming soon!
Favorite Walk: The Fells Field Trip, but leash walks on the bike path with Bella, the yellow lab, are a close second.
Walking Buddies: Bella, Bugsy, Lido, Merlin, Oliver, and Howard (not all at once!)